Nigeria Is At The Brink...

Who saw this coming? Shocking does not aptly gague the feelings of countless Nigerians at the moment. What was initially percieved as a hoax and an unthinkable dream by the powers that be, has hit us all like an hurricane. Subsidy on petroleum has finally been removed, and the petrification of purchasing a litre of fuel for 150 naira, has been validated into reality. Just when we were ushering in a 2012, that in all truism, looks bleak for our political future, the Fresh air presidency has pulled out a shocker like a bolt from the blue. Befuddled and cruel, the Goodluck Jonathan administration has finally incited a citizenry that was already pushed to the wall. It decries reason to unequivocally say that the Federal Government promised to continue nation wide consultation over the fuel subsidy saga, but like the cynics feared, this was not a government to be trusted. History for the umpteenth time, vindicates itself. Aso rock is not a name to be associated with honesty, and to think that this declaration came at a time when the fear of Boko Haram thrived in our shores! It is foolhardy for Jonathan and his team of 'fresh air advocates', to expect that the populace will accept this charade with passivity. He has simply pierced Nigerians where it hurts and must be ready for the rage that comes with such action. He has surely started a song, his dancing cannot evade, a music that could well be his last!


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