Bloody Christmas: How Long Will This Continue?

The scourge is terrifying and the pallatives have all proved abortive. It was a day of uncommon significance for all christains. It was Christmas day, and with it came the glitz and the razzmattaz that always attends the event. Thus, parishoners of St Theresa's Catholic Church, Madalla, Suleja, in Niger State, went to usher in the 'baby Jesus'. However, they were ushered into mayhem, and got what they never bargained for. Undoubtedly, this was a Christmas that will be remembered for all the wrong reasons. Again, it was one attack too many. Again, it was Boko Haram reeling in it's finest hour, a case of crass madness. Again, it was a incident that reminded us that our goverment cannot meet their basic responsibility of protecting our lives. Indeed, the unfortunate scenerio demanded a swift response of resolve, intent and condolence from the presidency, but did we get? A presidential statement that puzzles the mind and befuddles reason. Our president had the effortnery to say that 'This was a burden we must learn to live with'. Which leader displays such unspeakable cowardice when his nation is in distress? Pathetic! It is no longer news that Nigeria is now a haven of insecurity, and that our security operatives is as porus and toothless as a cursed child, however, one begs the question: For how long will this wreckage linger?


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