Nigeria And Her Catalogue Of Problems...

I cringe for this country. The odds are simply daunting, terrifying and enormous. The air so nauseating that you wonder where the 'fresh air' that the Jonathan led administration promised us, has absconded to. The signs so bleak that it astounds the cloud. No doubt, Nigeria is at a crossroads, emashed in a fix, being governed but rudderless in more ways than one. As the Boko Haram plague remains intractable, with Nigerians living under it's shadows in 'thick' fear everyday and in the reality of it's evil, the worst looks like it is yet to come. As if the indignity of poverty for many Nigerians was not enough, the Jonathan administration seems poised to compound our woes. The fuel subsidy debate has lingered on. Each day ushering the reality of the impending doom. Removal of subsidy by the government will simply skyrocket the prices of virtually everything in the nation. Inflation lurks, poverty awaits. Yet, this is the transformation Jonathan and his cohorts promised us. At a time when steady power supply seems like a distant dream, the government of the day is bent on adding salt to an already bleeding and open sore. What a jester of a country this is! The administration insists that removal of fuel subsidy will flourish the nation's economy, but they are yet to explain how this will be. Until they tell us how subsidy removal will put food on the table of the average Nigerian, improve power and booast education, then the idea will remain a charade. In addition, just in case you have not heard, in the 4.7 trillion naira 2012 budget submitted to the legislature, 977 billion naira was allocated to security. Put simply, that's 2 billion a day on security. What a joke! When did more money start to guarantee the security of lives and properties? We simply never learn in this part of the world. Indeed, we have already witnessed the Arab Spring and no one should write off the possibility of a Nigerian Harmattan. President Goodluck Jonathan might have had a great affair with lady luck in the past, but he might run of that luck if he dosen't retrace his steps!


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