Reality Check As 2011 Fades Away...

It is that time of the year when both governments and institutions take stock and tell themselves the home truth about what the year has been for them. However distressing this inquiry might be, it is both salient and pertinent for the future. As individuals, we are bound to make a reassessment of the twelve stints that were doled out to us in January. For some, the year was a masterstroke, a tale of achievements that streched them to their goal. For others, it wasn't the happy ending that they had envisioned. Whatever side of the divide you fall, there is the need to look at the brighter side of things, and keep your resolve to succeed. Life, as some of us have learnt, is a voyage to be embarked looking forward, not backward. You might have been racked with hard knocks, ruffled by acute mistakes and deflated by miserable occurances during the year, yet, it's no use remaining in this pathetic state. You must muster the courage to move on. It is worth remembering that courage is not the lack of fear, but the mastering of it. Having said that, there is the importance to take a reality check, and examine why the year did not pan out the way you had anticipated. For those that had a sublime year, it will be foolhardy to sit on your laurels. Indeed, there is always more to aspire to, more records to smash, more lives to touch and more battles to conquer. As 2011 presents us with it's last days, we can only pray that God will grant us the hindsight to know where we've been, the foresight to to know where we are going and the insight to know when we are going too far.


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