Nigeria: To Divide Or Not To Divide?

The Nigerian news media have recently, witnessed a flurry of advocacies for the country to go the way of secession. This call is not a novel one in our nation. However, the harsh realities of the times, the plague that is Boko Haram and perhaps, the death of the Dim (Ojukwu), have renewed the conviction for many to be divided. Having listened to the 'pros' and the 'cons' of the debate, it dosen't require a clairvoyant to see that the both sides have got plausible points. Having said that, our democracy hinges on fragility and in a nation where primordial and ethnic sentiments still holds sway, one cannot afford to treat this subject with kid gloves. The call for a Soverign National Conference, also constitue a condurum of some sorts. While the idea to concieve this conference seems noble, the motive is to be scrutinized. Also, on what basis will representation be sent to such conference. It will not be cynical to suggest that a Soverign National Conference might merely succeed in fanning the embers of hostilities in our country. Morever, it has been said and not without reason, that such a conference could end up being a 'talk-shop' or at best, 'a rallying point'. One cannot also deny the fact that either way the country goes, some 'few' are bound to get the spoils. It is these 'few' that are the real enemies of the state. Suffice it to say, it is salient to dismiss the perception that secession will ultimately be the albatross of the North. It is simply myopic and unfair to sit here and conclude the fate of the North in the eventuality of Nigeria's division. Conclusively, rather than keep advocating for the division of the country, both leadership and followers must give their all in solving the plethora of anomalies confronting us. Division might appear to be the answer, but the consequences are certainly going to be severe!


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