The North And The Rest Of Us (2)

To answer the question of how the North inheritated such an inimical image, is a landmine on it's own. Despite having the bulk of the nation's population, the North have tussled with a plethora of anomalies. Crass illetracy continues to spread across the region like wild fire and infrastructual delapitation is a pathetic reality. Without mincing words, the Northern elites have not also helped the course of the region. Rather, they have continued to expliot the ignorance of their people, and like parasites, they have used the creed of religon and the song of ethnicity to keep their people in captivity. However, it is time to redeem the North beyond lip service and prejudice. History suggests that they have dominated the ruling echelon of Nigerian politics, and this hindsight cannot be treated with kid gloves. Contrary to the perception of many, the people of the North are not savages. While it is true that Boko Haram and it's kingpins have their foothold in the North, their intents and scheme are entirely alien, and should not be associated with the innocent majority of it's citizenry. The search for a united Nigeria is one that should be devoid of unfounded criticisms and misconcieved perceptions. The North are a part of Nigeria, they are needed to make the Nigeria project work, and that is a truth that the rest of us must accept.


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