Chelsea: Written In The Stars!!!

It was a fairytale. A script that was conjured by the gods, and a tale that simply encapsulates why we all love football. For nine years since the Abrahmovic era, they had tarried for the holy grail. The anguish of Chelsea's wait is not one that ink can aptly describe. But, victory at last has thrown those tales of despairs into the thrash can. Under the red cloud of the Allianz Arena, and against the custodians (Bayern Munich) of this cloud, Chelsea thruimphed as Champions of Europe. It was a night when Mourinho's invincibility at Chelsea, was replaced by Di Matteo's immortality. Surely, Mourinho's shadow has been fully lifted from the bridge. In sum, football is simply surreal. Three months ago, this Chelsea team was utterly written off. But, sometimes in March, fate made a u-turn, and in that 4-1 win against Napoli, Chelsea altered their fortune for good. Of all the eight managers Chelsea had employed since the Era of the Russian, Di Matteo has arguably the least impressive resumé, but such is Life and it's pandora's box. As he found himself in his own pool of tears, he knew that this was mission accomplished. Di Matteo has done the unthinkable, and in only 21 games in charge, he has written his name in gold, and achieve what the rest couldn't. One man that will bask in this feat than anyone, is the club's owner, Roman Abrahmovic. His obsession for this throphy knows no bounds, and whenever he will die, this success will let him rest well in his grave. The search for the holy grail is over. For Chelsea's old guard of Terry, Lampard, Drogba, Cole and Cech, they will finally shed off the trauma of Moscow two years ago. And as Drogba puts it, 'Life is Fantastic'. It was a night when everyone associated with the Blues, became an instant hero. It will take a while to fully relish this victory. Make no mistake about it, Chelsea's history have been altered for good. Through gritted teeth, eyes drenched with resolve, heart intoxicated with zeal, legs injected with pure passion and crass discipline, the Chelsea players will forever remain legends. There is little solace for Bayer Munich, as they will always pounder on what might have been. Penultimately, whenever this victory is discussed, one phrase will dominate more than any other: 'It was meant to be...que sera sera'.


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