EPL: 'Noisy Neighbours' Have The Last Laugh

Football has an insane way of toiling with our emotions and altering our hopes. Despite the razzmattaz and glitz that characterize the sport, it is the small details and slight margins that counts at the end. Manchester City became the latest kid on the block to carve it's name in stone and usher in a new dawn in the glamorous history of English football. Bouyed by the unending petro-dollars of the Shiekh, the blue half of Manchester have achieved a feat that they had tarried upon for 44 years. Make no mistake about it, clinching the Premier League trophy in an era when football has attained a competitive peak, is no mere act of heroism. Yet, the manner in which City won the coveted trophy can only be described as the stuff of dreams, and a replica of the miracles of 1999 and 2005 Champions League finals. As captain Vincent Kompany puts it, 'Miracles still happen', and this was one that will forever be written in gold. For Sir Alex Ferguson and his United team, they will have to live through the anguish and agony of beholding their 'noisy neighbours' flaunt 'their' trophy. Though finishing runners up in a stern and rigorous league like the EPL is no casual achievement, United is not a side that is used to playing second best to anyone, and failures at old trafford are measured by a different standard. Like in the days when Abrahmovic's fortunes launched Chelsea as a force in English football, Sir Alex Ferguson will now have to contend with a new foe, a bitter rival, and a glamorous neighbour that has learnt to turn 'noise' into substance.


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