The Power Of Starting Small

It is a truism that no one ever raised to stardom without grappling and contending with a paltry beginning. The maxim is often being used 'Think global, start small'. Dearest friends, no one ever stumbles upon success or conquered the world in one fowl swoop. They all started somehow; they all started small. There is a great power in just starting small. Larry King, one of the greatest broadcasters to ever adorn our t.v screens, started out in an unknown radio station in the United states. Aliko Dangote, Africa's richest man, had to begin with an infinitesimal sum of 500,000 naira. Chimamanda Adiche, one of Africa's finest young writers, began with writing chronicles of unseen stories. Cristain Ronaldo, arguably the best football player on the planet at the moment, started out playing street football. What is the moral of their stories? They started from where they were. They knew what they were born to do, and they gave it all the attention and smartwork it required. Without mincing words, many might despise you in your little beginning, but you have to turn a deaf ear. Afterall, it's your life, no one will live it for you. Even the 'Good Book' admonishes us never to despise the days of little beginnings. Remember, the world and the forces of nature makes way for the man who will stick to his dreams and is ready to chase it even through the shadows of death and the abyss of trials. But, you must start today. There is an indescribable power in pursuing your goal when it is at it's embroyic stage.


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