Which Way Nigeria?

From the Dana horror, to the senseless and countless killings in some parts of the North, Nigerians have been treated with tales of anguish, agony and avarice. The debacle has attained new gruesome heights, and a majority of Nigerians now live in a cloud of uncertainty, a knowing that they could be the next victim. It bleeds the heart when one considers that all these chronicles of pains could have been averted. Nigeria, for all the wrong reasons, have become the crux of international media. The world must now be in awe of us.They must be wondering what a farce of a people we are. Every single day holds fresh fears. Fears that have been made possible by the shenenigan and unscrupulous practices of men in our society. The gloom that has enveloped our nation is too petrifying for words. The uncertainty could even make suicide look like a mild option. Indeed, the man that stands in the focal point of all these, is Dr. Goodluck Jonathan. As he must have found out, leadership is a first class burden. The demands of his office is completely enormous, and he has only helped in providing the cynics with their firing darts. It has now become a trend that every sunday in our country must be a black one, with the recurring attacks of churches in the North. Yet, there are no measures to curtail the anomaly. The reactiveness of the Jonathan administration is complicating our problems. How long will Boko Haram remain faceless in an age when nothing is new under the sun? Has the fuel subsidy probe report now become a theatrics of some sorts? Will the Dana plane crash report ever see the light of the day? Questions everywhere. Questions that requires a firmness and dexterity in leadership. Questions that demands an active followership, beyond the rantings many only vent on social media. As Fela asked decades ago, we ask today: Which Way Nigeria?


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