Chelsea's Madness At It's Finest!

Even by his peerless and renowned standards of swiftly doling out the sack letter to previous coaches, the latest dismissal of Roberto Di Matteo assumes a ruthlessness that beggars belief. Only six months after winning Roman Abramovich's holy grail, the Champions League, and adding the F.A Cup to the trophy cabinet, Di Matteo became the eight manager in the Russian's nine years reign of terror to be axed. As they say, life is short at the Bridge and the Chelsea managerial job is nothing but a poisned chalice or a pandora's box at best. After a run of two wins in eight matches, the club has parted ways with the once reverred legend, who spent only 262 days on the hot seat. Put in context, this was the Italian only major blip since taking over the reins of power, and to be fair to him, there are plausible factors to explain it. Everyone except Roman knew that Fernando Torres will never become the player he once was, but despite losing the amazing Dider Drogba, the club failed to find an adequate replacement. Moreover, the club was evolving a new brand of football, the kind that the owner always craved. This style of football is not built in six months, but it is concieved in decades of consistency, ask Barcelona. And, there was the small matter of John Terry's shenenigans, coupled with the ban and atrocious injury of the imperious captain and experienced defender. But, this is Chelsea, where common sense and logic never prevails. The inevitable question is: what next for Chelsea? What can ever satisfy Abramovich? The bookmakers are already formulating a list that has Pep Guardiola and Rafa Benitez top of the pecking order. We will never know how apt this will be. What we do know however, is that Chelsea's club policy is a complete joke, and a major reason why they are often ridiculed by the world of football. Why will any right thinking manager ever take up the Chelsea job? Why? Just why?


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