Tribute To The King Of Ink, Achebe!

From the historical and monumental tales of Things Fall Apart, to the ingenious chronicles of Anthills ofthe Savannah, it wasn't just the Arrow of God that made Achebe a Man of the People, He has etched his name in the annals of literary icons. A father for all times, and the recreating force of our basterdized past. When Rudyard Kipling and his Western contemporaries falsified our story, when they called us savages; and themselves saviours, you gave voice to a silent continent. Together with the likes of Ngugi, Laye and Soyinka, you gave us new eyes. Your writings stirred our minds. It kept us in sweet captivity. You were and still are fearless. Twice they dangled the national honour carrot before you, twice you did the honourable thing. From murky waters to sane winds, your writings knew no bounds. From controversial chronicles, to landmark tales, your stories defied the bounds of reasons. Your unguarded talents exposed you to untold evil. As we sing your praises, we recount the victories of your pen. It wasn't just about your words, it was about the way you said them. It wasn't just what you wrote, it was about how you wrote them. Many years from today, when our planet must have eventually gone into the complete ecstacy of 'e-world', we will never forget that you were the complete epistle of a pen pusher, a custodian of our conscience and an icon for all times!!!


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