The Animal In Today's Nigerian!

It has been said that the Nigerian of our time is a walking time bomb, waiting to explode. The Aluu 4, a tale that has captured untold punditry and a record space on both social media and Nigerian newspapers, is by no means a novel acrimony. Perhaps, the Aluu 4 became what it did because of the video that went viral and the loud voice that social media gave to it. There is no gainsaying that many Nigerians are often lynched un-noticed. In the creeks, jungle justice thrives. In villages where there is no luxury of twitter and youtube, people are murdered with such servitude that not only puzzles the mind, but will also compete with Aluu 4 for brutality. It is such disturbing trend that tells us that there is truly a certain animal in today's Nigerian. It's not just the nasty nature Hobbes talked about, it's a new brand of 'animal', made in Nigeria, for Nigerians. The Nigerian you see on the street has been conditioned to harbour an element of savagery. On his face, is written a gruelling tale. They say we are the most happy people on earth, but such happiness is only a facade that erodes swiftly when faced with a scenerio. There is so much he disdains about himself, his society, his life. It is for this reason that you can easily incite a Nigerian to join a mob action. It is for this reason that one Mr Lucky could incite the crowd to dole out a first class babaric act on those four students of Uniport, and it is for this reason that at the sound of 'thief thief thief', people are ever ready to clamp down andeven burn to ashes the accused in split seconds. There is a fundamental anomaly with our mindset. Make no mistake about it, such anomaly is not the preserve of the downtrodden Nigerian only. It is a madness that cuts across class and social status. It runs in the viens of a myriad of Nigerians. Our society has reconstructed our mindset. The rot in today's Nigeria has created a can of anger, a boiling aggression, a measure of hate, a burden of venom, a sponge of frustration, and at any slightest provocation, we explode and pour out these elements on anybody and anything.


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