Short Story: Trapped!

It was her presence that alerted me. The glittering substance in her attire. The beauty of her dresswas hypnotizing, the kind of beauty that puts you in a spell and keeps you there. She sat down unperturbed, and with a grace that spoke volume of her simplicity. I sat at the rare, but kept my gaze on her. She brought out her blackberry phone. The sophistication of the phone suggested it belonged to the top echelon of the bb world. Her attention was stolen by the phone. Her both hands were busy, punching the buttons. At times, she will smile at herself, at other times, she will wink to herself. The phone held her in a spell. I wanted to leave the bar, but there was something about her presence that captivated my thoughts, and paralysed my limps.I observed her carefully, from where I sat. She still held her phone, still fixed on the screen, still engrossed. The seconds rolled into minutes, and the minutes metamorphozed into hours. But, there she was, intoxicated by the device. I wondered: was it that she was waiting for someone? Perhaps, she was in the wrong place. I attempted to go and ask her. But, there was something about her beauty and countenance that putsyou off, that advices you to mind your own business. Then, the hours began to trickle down. Suddenly, she stood up. Her face looked hushed. Like a bolt from the blue, she came to where I sat 'Can you please lend me your blackberry charger, my battery is dead, and I am not through chatting with my friends' she said, smiling.


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