Mubi, Aluu & The Culture Of Babarism

If ever we thought that the chauvinistic era of life being short, brutish and nasty as propounded by Thomas Hobbes were theories that had outlived their relevance, the events of the past few weeks have served as gruesome reminders. The tales of avarice and sheer sordid tendencies in our land has reached a new crescendo in recent times. Like a scalded cat, the news became viral of how untrammeled gunmen attacked the Adamawa state polythecnic in Mubi and randomly killed about three dozens of people. Investigations and committees became the aftermath response of those saddled with our security, and the blood of those innocent citizens still yearn for vengence. We thought we have seen enough, before social media became awash with the gory video of four University of Portharcourt students that were murdered under the most gruelling imagined situation. The madness was unrivalled. Not only were they beaten to death, their bodies were turned into ashes. All these within the space of one month. This culture of babarism has reached an all time high. No explanation will ever suffice to justify this crude act of man's inhumanity to man. The events of the past few weeks should send alarm bells, that the times demands for carefulness, caution and wisdom. We heard of how Cynthia Udoka Osokogu was killed by friends she met on facebook. The streets are unsafe, the villages insecure, the airwaves unprotected, and now the internet. Conventional wisdom tells us that our government can not protect us; the times are evil, desperate and precarious. Watch and pray.


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