Short Story: Justice For All...

His struggles were pulsating, oozing out a stench of astute determination, the kind that the forces of nature are vulnerable to. Ogbuke knew that he will need more than mere resolve to see this battle to the end. They say fighting a war against strong employers is always a battle in futility. But, Ogbuke sought after such futility, to change it's fortune. His boss had just shown him the exit door for his dogged refusal to add two zeros to a certain sum of money in the company's transaction. Though such occurances had always beena trend at the office, Ogbuke's resolve has been hitched upon what he called 'An Unflinching Conviction'. This conviction and it's carrier could have been swept away a long time ago by his employers, but Ogbuke's sublime expertise had left their hands tied. However, the powers that be can no longer stomach such 'nonesense'. As financial manager, he was cajoled to turn 600,000 naira into 60,000,000 naira, in a deal the company opined will be their jackpot as a firm. The trajectory was to be unprecedented, and Ogbuke's refusal earned him a sack letter. 'Unlawful dismissal', was the grounds he used in suing his employers. The court proceedings were a cumbersome furore; an unending series of litigation that beggars belief. Ogbuke kept hope alive. Having lost his job and several friends in his tussle for 'change', hope was the only thing he could keep alive. TheD-Day finally arrived. The day when the verdict was to be pronounced. Ogbuke came into the court room, optimistic as ever, and looking forward to a reprieve. But, it wasn't long before the verdict lefthim in bonkers. His employers were justified, and he was to pay them a huge sum of money for damages. Ogbuke remained glued to his sit. The penury was enough to cripple the limbs. He glanced at the big inscription inside the court room that reads 'JUSTICE FOR ALL'. At least, today, in his rattling fight for 'Change', he now knows who 'All' refers to. Perhaps, a soothing progress in his effort to solve the societal puzzle. He lived a beggarly life afterwards.


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