Jonathan And The Cloud That Hovers

Forget the boisterous stunts and rhetoric that the erudite Reuben Abati will force us to believe, the signs are apparent even to the impaired, as Aso Rock brews from a power tussle; one that could define the presidency of Dr. Goodluck Jonathan. It is the burden of Goodluck that he still has the imperious and vindictive Olusegun Obasanjo lurking around. No doubt, Jonathan enjoyed from the spoils of OBJ's infamous 'Do or Die' politics. But, like the devil who gives with one hand and collects with the other, OBJ's perennial fraternity with the corridor of power might prove decisive. But OBJ's shenanigans is not the only cross GEJ must bear. The politics of inchoate and sheer intrigue that has recently bedevilled the ruling Peoples Democratic Party confirms that the president is entangled in a web of power tussle, pitted against factions, and torn between options. Trouble was first invited when former president, Olusegun Obasanjo decided to call it a day as the chairman of the PDP board of trustees, last year. The vacuum brought up a can of worms, with several 'old war horses' rearing up their heads to have a final bite on the national cake. The impeachment of the party's secretary and the melodrama that ensued further lays credence to the fact that GEJ is in for a long battle. Jonathan is not only fighting the 'octopus' Obasanjo, but also the strong PDP governors in power. 17 sitting PDP governors will not be eligible to contest in 2015 as governors again. Thus, the schemers and the plot has left the party in the lurch. Yet, there is the small matter of local government autonomy that tears all factions apart. Indeed, the North still relieves in the thought that the Jonathan presidency is their entitlement, and as long as they are concerned, he is ruling on borrowed time. The West are adamant that their 'eight years' by 2015 must return. The East still hurts from the failure to regain the presidency since Aguyi Ironsi in 1996, and they perceive 2015 as their set time. And then, the Niger Deltans, who are bent on GEJ staying put; as they must savour their moment in the sun. Jonathan strongest companion in all of these appears to be the PDP national chairman, Bamanga Tukur. OBJ's wish is for Ahmadu Ali to be installed as BOT chairman, but the Jonathan bloc are all too aware of what that decision holds for the future. This is a script that we are yet to see the last act, but one thing we know is this: In all these tussle and struggle, it is not about you and me. It is not about the common man, it is about power and the inordinate, addictive and unguarded ambition to get it at all cost.


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