Poetry: She left...............

In the struggle for life, she escaped us. Concealed behind the darkness, she catered for her own anguish. They say an ant journey is never a short one But her sojourn through pain was even shorter. She was the custodian of her solitude, And the guardian of her own isolation. She died in instalments. But we were too busy to observe. Too entangled in Life's expectation, laced with selfish hopes and inordinate ambitions. Her teeth were chattering in bitterness, Her ears were peeping into the corners of tranquillity. Tears began to form in her eyes, effortlessly. In substances that made us cringe. But our concern was belated, It arrived in the lull of time. When darkness had already flooded itself in the contours of our world. Death had it's toll, And our bodies were left, Smacking scars that will never erase, Wiping tears that will never stop, Harbouring wounds that will never heal. She passed on. And like the scorpion that carries it poison at the back, Our days were laced with the burden of her absence.


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