Is Messi Really Better Than Ronaldo?

It is a debate that has severed the opinions of the entire footballing world, a question that has divided pundits, an issue that will probably linger for epoch to come. Perhaps, the god of soccer was simply so prodigal for deciding to lavish us mortals with two incredible soccer talents at the same time in history. If either existed at different eras, each would have ruled the soccer planet with minimum fuss, and save us an herculean comparison. But alas, nature gave us the twin geniuses at the same time. Without sounding too naïve, it is a slight misnomer to ever make comparison between two football players. This is because of the peculiarity, team involved and manger among other factors that comes to play. However, Lionel Messi and Cristaino Ronaldo are both attack minded players, thus, it makes comparison inevitable. Some have argued, perhaps out of proportion, that the ingenuity of the Barcelona team makes Messi thick. While there are some iota of truth in that, one cannot deny the little pee his due. If Barca makes Messi very good, so does Messi makes Barca. Ronaldo might not have the luxury of Iniesta and Xavi around him, but it will be foolhardy to deny that Ozil, Di maria and Alonso are not equally world class. In comparison, both players deliver on the big stage, and the records are there for the sceptics. Suffice it say, I believe a number of factors makes Messi the better player, and explains why FIFA and a vast majority of analysts think along this line. Character is a great factor in determining a true success, and in this, the Argentinian is almost faultless. Unlike Ronaldo who expresses fury so often against opponents, referees and at times fans, Messi is the reverse. Though he is not entirely devoid of this, he does not take it to Ronaldo's level. Moreover, Ronaldo earned an infamous reputation since his days in England for diving and simulation. A part of that stigma still sticks with him today. In addition, it is difficult not to like Messi. He is hardly ever in the news for the wrong reasons, unlike Ronaldo whose extravagant and partying lifestyle is well chronicled. Also, while some will say Ronaldo is a more rounded player, which is true, Messi is simply magical in the few things he does. Messi's pace defies logic, his stamina negets gravity, his impulse beats reason, and his consistent fitness mesmerises belief. Ronaldo is also a wonder in his own game, but when comparisons are made between the pair, Messi just edges it. The scary thing about Messi is that he still has years ahead of him, perhaps, more than Ronaldo will claim. Perhaps, many might disagree with my assessment and dismiss it as a case for Lionel. But when sentiments and unguarded hatred for Barca is kept aside, we see that Messi is probably the greatest player of all times. Forget winning the world cup, he might or never win it, but that does not deny the phenomenon he is. By way of conclusion, I suggest that we lay the argument of who is better to rest and enjoy the pair while they last. It is not to all generations that nature and the god of soccer is this generous in giving.


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