Super Eagles And The Keshi Revolution!

Like a bolt from the blue, the nineteen years wait for a national day of sporting glory was finally delivered. It was the stuff of fairy tales, the kind of fables only the gods can conjure, an experience that was tailored for legends, a story written in the stars and a moment in the sun that we will relish for epoch to come. Ours is a national team that has been bedevilled by a plethora of vices. Corruption and impatience are twin evils that has been a bane of the Super Eagles over the years. The syndrome of never believing in the coaching acumen of a local manager is one that is too obvious that a rehash will be a waste of space. The Football Federation has spent millions of dollars hiring and firing foreign coaches, who care less about the Eagles job. We simply never learn. That we axed Samson Siasia within a short period of his appointment was an indication that we are never patient. The impatient syndrome is one that is present in a myriad of Nigerians. The unguarded taste for instant success is simply preposterous and inimical at best. However, it is fitting that a local coach in Stephen Keshi has delivered the moment of glory we all craved. Many doubted his Midas Touch, few gave him a chance, while some waited for his downfall. But, life could be a pack of surprises at times. Whether it was the Lucky presence of President Goodluck Jonathan presidency, that provided the platform for the Super Eagles triumph in South Africa, we may never know. What we do know is that given the right conditions, anything is possible in our turf. Our sporting talents has never been in doubt, and that will remain like that for decades to come. It was also the stuff of dreams that a home boy, Sunday Mba, will deliver the moment of victory. The organisation of our local league might be perilous, but the potentials that ply their trade in it are not. Mba proved that something good can still come out of Nazareth. As we still savour the times, it is a simple conclusion that sport remains a great force for transformational change in our country. The win was a welcome distraction from the shenanigans of our politics, the dirge of our security, the scourge of our economy, the sorry tale of unemployment and the many troubles of our nascent democracy. Suffice it to say, what happens between now and next year's world cup in Brazil, will tell if we have truly learnt our lesson. The NFF and all other stakeholders must stop the absurdity and ineffectiveness at the glasshouse once and for all. It is apt to mention here that Keshi is no magician. As he did say after the triumph, the Super Eagles are still a work in progress. So, expectations should be kept in moderation, while dreams lingers. While still in the ecstasy of such season, one should spare a thought for the encumbered Osaze Odewinge. From all indications, we might never see him in the green and white colours of the Eagles ever again. His is a lesson to many. No one is ever indispensable, humility is a great virtue, and nothing last forever. Indeed, in the centenary period as a nation, it is sheer joy that we are the King of Africa, for the right reason!


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