Lessons From 2face and Annie's Wedding!

It was dubbed as 'the celebrity wedding of the year.' And at some point, it looked like the glamorous matrimony will never come to an end. But, as the dust settle upon what was truly an exquisite event, it will suffice to discuss the fallout, glitz and issues surrounding the Dubai fiesta. No doubt, 2face is one of the few who can attract such calibre of men together at one sitting. The industry's kingpins and VIP's were very well in attendance. 2face rise and rise over the past decade has indeed been mercurial, and at times, unbelievable. From the humble beginnings of the plantashun boiz, to the un-imagined success of African Queen, the Benue born artist has refused to look back. One should also state that his humility all through those transition period has been worthy of emulation. Thus, it was expected that his wedding will pull such razzmatazz. However, without attempting to stir the hornet's nest, it leaves a lot to be asked about some missing men at the event. While Faze absence at the actual wedding was said to be as a result of a missed flight (he was at the after party), Blackface overall absence was a wonder. Though 2face and Blackface relationship since the break up has not been the best, one will expect that for such a moment, the pair will bury the hatchet and move on. Blackface insisted 2face never invited him. If that was truly the case, then 2face should take some knocks. However, it was also a wonder that the duo of Kenny Ogunbe and Dayo (D1) were missing. Irrespective of the perspective you take, the duo were pivotal to 2face rise to stardom. Moving on to other issues, some Nigerians have since taken to social media to register their displeasure over why 2face will decide to have his wedding at Dubai; hence shutting out the myriads of ordinary Nigerians that would have wanted to be there. The argument is pioneered on the premise that these ordinary Nigerians made him who he is today, and he should have paid them back by holding his wedding within 'attending reach.' At first glance, the diatribe looks to be a logical argument, but on second glance, it loses it's viability. Anyone has a right to make personal decisions such as this, and holds no one an explanation. If 2face had chosen to have it in the moon, no one should still bat an eyelid. In the final analysis, it was his call to make. Perhaps, it is the burden of being a 'mere fan' that such blitz will always elude us. The fans make the star, but the star is never equal with the fans. It will be an intentional oversight if one fails to mention the avalanche of gifts that were doled out. Word in town is that the cars and other ostentatious gifts were numerous. It is true that giving 2face a car as a wedding gift is like pouring a gallon of water to a river. However, it is also a truism that in the world we live in, the rich will continue to be rich, and the poor will continue to grapple with their poverty. Pen ultimately, it was interesting that 2face finally settled for Annie, after his escapades with Pero and Sumbo, to keep the list modest. Only 2face can get away with such nonsense. He makes babies with different ladies, yet a handful of ladies will still kill to have him. A word for Annie (his love for the past 13 years), you have dealt with a lot in the past, be ready for more in the future. Or which wife would not anticipate trouble when her husband has about five well known children out of wedlock. The plot thickens, but we all wish 2face and Annie a blissful wedding, devoid of the travesty of 'singlehood.'


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