Short Story: This Country Sef! 2

The thing about being unemployed in our country is that it will leave a label of failure on your forehead, and that was the case for Emeka. He then decided to salvage the situation. Male prostitution was the modus operandi at the time, and the prospect of making swift and abundant fortune, albeit ill gotten, was one he couldn't resist. At least, he was going to prove a point to his parents and siblings, that his first class brain is still potent. However, his choice of prostitution, borders on sheer wonder. He had always had about the homosexual activities in Nigeria, and how you can sleep with a man to make 'good cash,' as one his contemporaries puts it. And so it was, Emeka became fully involved in homosexuality. He slept with all calibres of men. He will hook up with them on social media, and they will schedule a place to carry out this awkward act. This became the trend, and to be fair to Emeka, sales wasn't bad. The spoils of his business were beginning to flow in. He made a lot of customers. And perhaps, because of the expertise with which he ply his trade, his fame in the business grew without restrain. He finally rented an apartment for himself, and as is the case in our society, he began to earn the respect of both his family and friends, so much so that his father will jokingly say to him, mimicking the popular Peak Milk TV advert, 'My son, one day, I know say you go make us proud.' Even Emeka was astonished by the gains of the trade. Indeed, his first class brain he earned on his certificate, was beginning to pay off in real life. Having said that, his tragic end was merely lurking around. He had this customer, a very rich commissioner (as if to say all commissioners by virtue of their 'office' were not already rich). They met at the most expensive hotel in the city, and he had sex with him. However, he was paid a fortune for his services, but on his way back home, he noticed he couldn't feel his manhood any longer. As if to be sure, he checked and confirmed his fear. Suddenly, he noticed he had become both deaf and dumb. And just as his fortune were swift in arrival, his destruction was equally quick in taking it's toll. One thing led to another, and as a last resort, Emeka found himself in his village prayer house, and this became his penultimate home. The prayer warriors would pray and loose, bind and cast, destroy and uproot, but Emeka's case remained the same. One day, the pastor of the church where he was abandoned came to him and wrote a note on a piece of paper to him 'God is not asleep, it will soon be over.' Emeka read the note, gazed at him and smiled. He now began to laugh as if the words were ridiculous. He laughed so hard that he choked, and he choked so hard that he finally gave up the ghost instantly. The pastor sighed in grief. As he prepared to take him to the mortuary, he mumbled 'God is still alive though. And this boy was intelligent o. This country sef.'


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