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Jose Mourinho: The Second Coming

It was a script that could only have been conjured by Karma; a story of sheer fantasy, and a tale of inevitability. It is often said that ‘Never return to the scene of the crime’ but Jose Mourinho is the complete exception. As Mourinho returns to Stamford Bridge for a reunion of a marriage that was broken in September 2007, the pundits and bookmakers have begun to permutate over what this renewal could hold. A coach with a C.V to kill for, Jose is a man that is never shy of the limelight. Since moving on from London, he has added a treble from Inter Milan and a double from Spain, among other trophies. However, his second coming is one that leaves a lot of questions unanswered. It is worth mentioning that the crux of the matter that first led to Jose’s demise was his fallout with club owner, Roman Abrhimovic. Things fell apart because of the tussle for power between the duo and it should be stated that the Russian is still at the helm. Indeed, for Jose to return, means they have both agreed to bury the hatchet. But, how long before there is a second clash of egos is the question. What is more? Mourinho returns to a new breed of Chelsea generation of players, and a new philosophy of football. How he manages these factors are fundamental to his success or failure at the Bridge. Surely, he is greatly loved at Chelsea, but only success will guarantee the continuation of the second honeymoon. Conclusively, it is a brave decision for both Chelsea and Mourinho, a gamble of some sorts. Jose stint at Real Madrid will forever be subject to analysis; however, one cannot deny that barring the controversies, Jose brought a measure of success to Madrid, who had erstwhile been in the gruelling shadows of arch rivals, Barcelona. His return is a fantasy for the media, an intriguing prospect for the neutrals, a caution for the rivals, and a dream come true for the fans. Only time will tell if the renewal of marriage vows between Mourinho and Chelsea was a masterstroke or a bitter reunion


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