Poetry: The Sun Of My Childhood!

It is the vacuum of the moment, the emptiness of my heart, the cruelty of silence, and the voice of pain, that has reminded me of your absence. Our eyes ache from tears that have never seized, our minds still bleed from hurts that have never healed, our thoughts are filled with memories that have never died. Each passing day tells us of the cruelty of your departure. Each spoken word reminds us of your tender voice of counsel. Each fizzling night echoes the imbalance of your absence. They say time heals every wound, but time has not mended our broken hearts. They say all memories will fade, but memories of you remain extant with the dawn of each morning. They say every pain is a blessing, but the pain of your absence is an exception. We know we all shall die one day, but there is an unholy rhapsody about your departure, that makes death an ultimate enemy. Sleep on my jewel. Till death reunites us with you, we will keep learning to cope to live without you.


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