Jonathan And His Choking Fresh Air!

The half way point of the Jonathan presidency has elapsed, but the signs of a happy ending remains elusive. Forget the transformation cliches that emits out of the mouths of the president and his cohorts, sycophants, and bereft officials, our country has retrogressed in many forms. A glance at the midterm scorecard that is been peddled by Jonathan's errand boys tells you that the report was a sheer futile attempt to trade falsehood. Again, Nigerians are not that gullible. The question many of us should ask ourselves is: Are we better off than when Jonathan and his team took over in 2011? One does not need a magic wand to answer that. What we have witnessed for more than two years is an administration that have steered the Nigeria ship in rudderless form and untold impunity. It is either the team is not capable, or that they are too enmeshed in bickering, politicking and corruption. As you read this, our roads are still daily death traps for many, power supply remains an herculean task, unemployment is at an all time high, corruption is still the name of the game, and other countless sins of this regime that are too numerous to rehash. If this is fresh air, then we are in a real quagmire. Now, the unending ASSU strike admist many other industrial actions, has reared up it's head again. It is a manifestation of administrative ineptitude that in the midst of all these perilous challenges, Jonathan has found engagement in pettiness. 2015 is now the new creed for his government, and they don't even give a thought what happens to Nigerians between now and then. He has found a new task in meddling into the affairs of the governors forum, and fighting the embattled Rivers state governor, Rotimi Amaechi appears to be his number one agenda these days. This is not a question of whether Jonathan means well for Nigerians or not, we are not impressed with his performance thus far. In the final analysis, performance is all that matters, and if success is to be measured in phases, the man once without shoes have not done enough. It is worth saying that the Egyptian protests that have engulfed the country recently is over sheer dissatisfaction with president Mohammed Morsi's one year in office. Yes, one year. And perhaps it should be known that the grievances of the protesters has nothing to do with basic amenities (issues they had long outlived). In conclusion, this is not intended to take a swipe at the Jonathan administration, but it is the home truth on the state of our nation today. How long do we have to wait to replace this choking air with the fresh air this regime once promised?


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