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Amaechi And His Many Devils!

First things first. Let us establish from the onset, that Rivers State governor, Rotimi Amaechi is in no way a saint, neither is he devoid of any blemish currently plaguing both himself and his state. Having said that, the evidences are overwhelming to show that Amaechi is fighting a plethora of forces from several quarters. The canker worm eating up the state sprouts from different avenues, and their resolve is made of a sterner stuff. The events of the past few days in Rivers State is not only ludicrous, but it is a sordid reminder to us all that our democracy (if ever there was one) has been plunged in destruction. It is not a new sight to behold. During the fourth republic, the Ladoja and Adedibu shenanigans readily comes to mind. It is also worth mentioning that the evil that befell Chris Ngige during his turbulent days as governor of Anambra state bears some similarities with Amaechi current ordeal. His godfather, Chris Uba, under the shadows of Olusegun Obasanjo gave Ngige a fight he will never forget. Today, graduate of English language from UNIPORT and erstwhile speaker of the Rivers State House of Assembly, Rotimi Amaechi is the man in the middle of the storm. Forget the combat that transpired in the floor of the Rivers House of Assembly, forget the sheer shameless attitude of the police in the state, forget the crass madness being displayed by the PDP in the state. Without mincing words, the entire brouhaha is about Rotimi Amaechi. As long as the octopus forces against him are concerned, he must be dispensed by all means. It begs the question: What is Amaechi's sin? Has it amounted to treason that he won the NGF election? Is it atrocious for him to nurse presidential ambition (assuming it is true)? Or is his youthful nature a source of irritation for the powers that be? No matter what presidential aide, Doyin Okupe makes us believe, the obvious truth to any discerning Nigerian is that the hand of Aso Rock is the unseen hand that hovers around Rivers state and most of it's troubles. Having said that, those lawmakers that were involved in the exchange of blows at the House should be grossly dealt with. Such display of shame from politicians that we pay a fortune monthly should never be condoned. The facts are polarized, but no matter what you believe, it is a truism that the police commissioner in the state, Joseph Mbu, is not without plausible blemish. Amaechi's ordeal tells us that it is possible to engage the powers that be in a duel and come out victorious, but with a price. We have certainly not seen the last of the ever unfolding drama that has come to characterize Rivers State, but what we know for sure is that the days ahead will be full of intrigues and Amaechi's devils have not unleashed their last abracadabra. President Goodluck Jonathan and his lady, Dame Patience must be reminded that while power might be a sweet spell to hold, it's longevity is a mirage. The president has too many sycophants and power-hungry men around him, and for their own interests, they have succeeded in poisoning his heart beyound redemption against Amaechi. Perhaps, it is worth saying that Amaechi himself should never seize to always act within the confines of the law (and sanity). If it was true that it was his CSO that engaged a lawmaker in that fight at the State Assembly Chambers, then he should cover his face in shame. Penultimately, it is a sad country when 16 is now higher than 19, when 5 is greater than 27, and when a mere simple vote among senate members on the Rivers state debacle, becomes an issue. The path to 2015 has just become more ominous!


  1. Well said Samuel. I weep for my nation and the most irritating part comes down to the role of the First lady in the entire mess

  2. It is a great shame bro...... So much for role models!

  3. An excellent piece . . . took the words right out of my mouth. The power tussle is gently approaching a dangerous precipice and one more false move could lead to a serious full-scale security, government and economic crisis in the state. Its a real shame to see thugs elevated to positions that should normally be reserved for 'honourable' members. God help my country. Abuse of Political power is killing the nation.


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