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Thank you for 2014!

‘And sometimes when you turn, there is a shoulder to lean upon, a smile to believe in, and a hand to hold. Those are the times your faith in the world is restored.’

I once heard Larry King say that ‘If you say you have never stood on another man’s shoulder in attaining success, you lie.’ He couldn’t have said it any better. No one achieves any kind of success in isolation. Genius is but a mirage if people don’t help galvanize, steer, inspire and pilot it.

In 2014, my list of gratitude is a litany of men and women that have inspired me in more ways than one. However, undoubtedly top of that list, is one that is no man. Believe in whatever you choose, I will not seize to rub it in that God has been the bedrock of my year. I like to say it at any slightest opportunity I get that my life has been a story of ‘Grace unconstrained’. The thing about me and God is that it has gone beyond a religious dogma. The fettering relationship is not one that is based upon mere religion. It has become a conviction that transcends fiction. Cognizance of all the daunting challenges and life knocks in 2014, God has been an ever present help. For this, I am eternally grateful.

To my life coach and spiritual father, Rev Chris Oyakhilome, I love him more than he can fathom. Thank you for always teaching me God’s word.

Defying reason with their unwavering support has been my family. Through thick and thin, they have been there. And more than anyone else, I am so indebted to them. Perhaps, it is true what they say, ‘When everyone walks out on you, family sticks with you’.

Then there are friends, who will so easily pass for family. In 2014, I made some great friends, and four of them must be mentioned here:

To Zuby Achara, for being a friend that inspires, that cares, that troubles, and in some occasions, that stretches me. You know I cherish you.

To George Ogbudimkpa, for being someone I can always look up to on virtually all matters, despite the ‘recency’ of our friendship. God knows I greatly appreciate you.

To Moses Ajika, for being the maiden helper in my HR career, I am so grateful. He was a torn in my flesh this past one year, but boy, I have relished the monkeys on my back.

And then, least but not least is another of my spiritual father, who I met this year. Not only is he a source of wisdom and a teacher to me, he is a senior colleague whose everyday life of simplicity is a great inspiration.

Indeed, those were some remarkable list of people I met this year that have been immense to my life. However, the list can never be exhaustive. I met a great number of men and women in 2014 that in one way or the other, added value and spark to my life.

However, while I made some amazing friends this past year, I have not lost sight of the ever present friends. Covenant friends who have been there for all times. God knows I can’t never adequately reward you for all things. For always being there, thank you immensely.

Penultimately, it is said and not without reason, that ‘we through the way we are living our lives are affecting the people around us.’ Nothing can be more true.

Thank you all for a smashing 2014. Here is wishing you an excellent 2015!


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