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Here We Go Again!

Happy New Year!

Few things compare to the enthusiasm and optimism that greets the dawn of a new year; especially in this part of the world. From prophetic declarations to thematic conjugations, the moment is met with genuine belief and hope that the new year will be substantially better than the preceding one. However, as the razzmatazz, fanfare and excitement gives way to the resumption of normalcy, a few things become sacrosanct.

It goes without saying that many had great aspirations for the year that ‘was’ (2017). For some, the year began with great promise but ended with big disappointments. There are always rationale to explain these things; but whatever your explanation is, one thing was clear: Life happened amidst your plans. It’s fine. 2017 is done and 2018 provides an opportunity to get it right so it is a bloody waste of time to cry over spilt milk. It’s like a football season; some teams with high expectations coming into the season feel short but every player looks to the next season to get it right. Some few thoughts that will help make 2018 a smashing year will suffice here:

Start early: There can be no one silver bullet that will make 2018 the year of your dreams. It will ultimately come down to an aggregation of factors. However, one thing you can do is to start early. I always like to say that the year starts in January, which is buttressing the point that some people seem to feel it’s a ‘bonus’ month. The celebrations are over; and if you need any confirmation just remember that work life has resumed in all parts of the world. Give yourself a head-start. Get out your 2017 goal sheet and break down those big targets into granular and tangible actions, then start implementing. 2018 belongs to the executioners and not the planners. Again, the time to start is now.

Stand for something: In a world that is continually trying to dictate to you on the values you should have, it is important to stand for something. Your convictions are pivotal. Your values are salient. These things should never be at the mercy of any sentiments or emotional considerations. Cut off who you need to cut off. Know that there will be noises and people will judge you when you end certain detrimental relationships that doesn’t line up with your convictions, and that is fine. At the end of the day, you are not answerable to man. Don’t let anyone toss you around and peddle their realities to you. If you have a personal conviction in God and had experienced his unfailing power, stick with him. If you have seen the blessings that comes from paying your tithe, continue therein. The world is full of opinionated people, and it is important to stand for something.

God first: One thing you can be sure of is that 2018 is not going to be for those that ‘merely work hard’. We all know many poor hard workers around us. Hard work, your intellect and abilities can never be enough. When all is said and done, the God factor can make the difference. Do your part. Get productive. Chart new territories but put God first. Seek his counsel and wisdom for every pivotal decision you make this year. Pray and study his word. It is a cliché but it is true that all you need is ‘One Word’ for that your situation. Spend quiet time with him and realize that prayer time should be a conversation moment. Keep a notepad handy for inspiration, ideas and implementation strategies always come from the unlikeliest of sources. Stay awake always!


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