The Last Days Of Gaddafi?

A 42 years reign of terror and power intoxication has come under immense siege in 6 months, and defiant as he might be, Gaddafi must now confront his greatest fear of what life after power will be for him. The protracted uprising in Libya now appears to be meeting it's belated end. The major twist was ushered in with the rebels defying the odds to hijack the country's capital, Tripoli. It was a move few saw coming, but in a nation that has been engulfed by sheer uncertainities of late, there are indeed plenty that has eluded our sight and ridiculed our proactiveness. As if taking Tripoli was not enough to trobule the Colonel, the enthusiastic rebels stormed his home, the Bab al aziziyaa. This was an action that once seemed inconcieveable. Muammar Gaddafi remains at large, but events proves that this can only be for a while. On a different note, many have been questioning if the rebels have truly not been a joker in the hands of the West. Perhaps, it is not foolhardy to conclude that the unforseen hand is that of the West, and the loud voice, that of the rebels. It is salient to ask: What happens in a post Gaddafi Libya? With so many rebel groups currently fighting the common enemy now, what will happen when 'the mad dog of the desert' is no more? Will Libya become another Iraq or Afghanistan? Will the west, having spent a fortune not seek for means to leave Libya bankrupt? These postulations might be putting the cat before the horse as Gaddafi and his loyalists remains a real threat. However, beyond the ecstacy of the revolution, some 'home truth' has to be uncovered.


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