Goodluck Jonathan: A President And His Reactiveness

First it was INEC office at Suleja, then Police headquaters, and now the UN building at Abuja! Our leaders simply never learn. Their DNA have been programmed not to, and this sorry tales are threatening to tear our nation apart. The recent bomb blast of the United Nations building in Abuja was another slight on our national image, a despicable story, and a reminder of the retards that pride themselves as our leaders. A pathetic happening of such magnitude was met with sheer reactiveness and deplorable response. First and foremost, this was an avoidable occourance. How many similar events does the president require to convince him that the security agencies in the country is in dire need of a surgical operation. Effective security does not depend on the numbers of road blocks and check points erected at virtually every where one turns. The need for intelligence has been treated with kid gloves by those who should know better. As if this was not enough misdeed of lack of proactiveness, the president and his cohorts were reactive in acting when the deed had been done. The world waited in futility for the consoling and reassuring words from the country's number one citizen. Instead, president Jonathan kept mute and only asked his Media Officer, Reuben Abati, to release a statement that did little to salvage our image. What has happened to servant leadership? Didn't Jonathan see the reaction of the British prime minister during the London riots? Or the astuteness of the American president to the recent Hurricane Irene? Yet, when he was needed in Jeans to send the right message to the international comity, he was elusive. These could be early days to start passing a verdict on the president, but the signs are not good, unpalatable and porous to say but the least! However, it goes without saying that the pepetrators of these acts should remember that karma has no deadline.


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