United Remains The Benchmark For Other Teams

As the awe that only Wembly conjures stood in it's glory, Sir Alex Ferguson once again, had the last and best laugh over his 'noisy neighbours.' The community shield presented a platform for both teams to give an indication of how ready and poise they are for the new season, and after 90 gruelling minutes of football artistry, it was Man United's instinct that had the better cutting edge over the expensive but incoherent Man City side. A couple of goals by City in the first period aggrevated fears over the potency of the Red Devil's new golden hands, De Gea. The 20 year old spainaird could be forgiven for naive on his debut competative match. Time should bring temerity for the youngster. However, the excesses of De Gea was the only sore point for United. The second half was a different kettle of fish. With a team with the average age of 22, United turned on the style. Their pace were electrifying and their imperious finishing reminded us why they are champions. It was a comeback that vindactes Fergie's faith in a youthful but strong team. At the other hand, Roberto Mancini's conservatism with his luxurious City side was on display again. The team undoubtedly possess the talent but lack the chemistry that champions are made of, and the stern to forge them into a formidable side. This anomaly could be ractified with time. However, for Sir Alex and United, it was a performance that will inflate their confidence, and without unequivocation, instill a certain fear in their rivals.


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