A Night Of Dreams For Chelsea!

Revenge they say is a dish best served cold, and this was a true case of Karma at it's best. Few gave them a chance, but in a world of unpredictable wits, Chelsea have pulled up a result that can only be described as the stuff of dreams. Though Chelsea's wait for the holy grail lingers, the victory over Barcelona was a major stride in the quest. No doubt, over the two legs, Chelsea rode their luck, but luck had every reason to smile at them. A sixth semi final appearance in nine years, is no mere feat. And when one considers the hurtful manner that the Blues had always been knocked out, it does not require a magic wand to see that Abramovic's massives, are due a stroke of luck. However, the question of if they will eventually lift the trophy on May 19, remains a mystery, but there is something about the doggedness and the crass dexterity embedded in the Catalan's defeat. For Pep Guardiola and his exceptionally talented side, they can only reminesce on what might have been. A season that held a string of promises for them has suddenly degenerated into a charade and a can of worms. Having said that, it is apt to unequivocally dismiss the inflated and exaggerated punditry that believes that Barcelona's sublimity has come to a halt. The Catalans remains a great force in the round leather game. For Di Meatto, he has only given his resumé a major booast. No one gave him a chance, but his mindas touch has been unbelievable. It was a night that most Chelsea faithfuls will savour for a long time, but it was also a night that had it's villians. John Terry's idiocy was a moment of sheer disgrace, and should Chelsea go on and lift the trophy, he might forever nurse a brokenness inside of him. It is not yet uhuru for Chelsea, but something suggests that it is written in the stars and fate wants to smile on them!


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