United Edges Closer To Rewriting History!

From the word go, it was obvious that the Barclays English Premier League trophy was a tussle between Manchester United and City. Since the coming of Sheikh Mansour's petrodollars, the rivarly began to grow in temerity. City began to dream again. However, for all it's unpredictabilities, this season has been a mixed grail. Football has a mischievious way of defying our predictions. At the commencement of the season, City seemed like a class act. They destroyed teams with ruthlessness and minimum fuss. They banged in goals as if it were going out of fashion. And who could forget that 6-1 massacre they meted out to Man United at Old Trafford. A win that the bookmakers made us believe was a watershed and the beginning of a power shift. However, all that looks like a distant past now. As the season reaches home strech, City appears to have been gone with the wind. From five points clear, City are now five points behind their vastly successful neighbours. Few envisaged that Mancini's team will fall like a pack of cards at this stage, but as United have often displayed, they are the boss of Manchester. When push comes to shove, it is Sir Alex Ferguson and his red devils team that have endured the marathon with panache. This is not to say that the league is over for City, but anyone that memory serves right, will know that United are not a team to give away a five points lead with less than seven games to savour. It won't be an exaggeration to unequivocally say that only Manchester United stands on Manchester United's path to winning an unprecedented twenty league titles.


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