Short Story: A Harsh Fate 1

The morning sun came uninvited into her window. The brightness was harsh and had little mildness to suggest that it was a sun of dawn. She was late, for she was scheduled to visit the family of her to-be husband. But, there she was, the hands of time racing against her, just as her age hurried pass her. Nkechi had been unlucky with time. In a forthnight, she will be 35, yet, hopes of walking the isle in white flowing gown with a man in suit cuddling her hands, has remained a mirage. Her ill fate often puzzled her, for her beauty was prodigal and her family name was written in gold. There are nights she will pounder on her nadir, and hurtful tears of how all her younger sisters had all gotten married will flood her eyes. She will cry her eyes out into her teddy bear that also doubles as her pillow. She will gaze into the thick darkness of the night, in hope that it will explain her ordeal. First, it was Nkem, then Abubakar, and now it's Kunle. She was determined not to let this chance slip from her hands again. As Nkechi entered into Kunle's family home, she stood in awe of the exquisite building. Though she was not born into squallor, her eyes had never beheld such luxury. The Agbajes were already sitted. Kunle's father was engrossed with the documentary on 'The ills of the World Bank' that was ongoing on Aljazeera TV. His mum was swiftly going through a national daily newspaper. The pace at which she turned the pages made one wonder if she was reading for the stories, or glancing at the pictures. Kunle's kid sister was rooted to the sofa, dangling her head in different positions, as she listened to songs from her ipod. Nkechi walked in and a deafening silence invaded the atmosphere...


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