For Nigeria, I Reflect!

Kano, Kaduna, Plateau, Katsina, Yobe, and now, the untouchable Sokoto. Sentiments apart, these Boko Haram guys ply their trade with uncommon deligence and exquisite dexterity. Just when we thought we were bound to witness one full month without having to read of the horror of Boko Haram in our dallies, due to the Ramadan fast, we were shocked to our bone marrows and forced to forge a rethink. Many felt that Sokoto, being the reverred seat of the sultanate, was always going to be defied ofthe shenenigans and notoriety of Boko Haram, but what do we know. The madness has infiltrated the Caliphate and the chicken has finally come home to roost. Ours is a tale of a nation plagued by it's own children, blighted by it's clueless leaders, bedeviled by the sins of the past, and burdened by the expectations of it's tommorow. It trobules the mind that the menace of Boko Haram has gone on for more than a year, yet, a panacea is not even in the offing, neither is it on the horizon. Is it not foolhardy that these miscreants have remained faceless till now? However, we must not accept our ill-fate. While we can now come to terms with the perilious reality that our nation cannot protect us, we must not imbibe the age-old adage of the dark ages 'Everyman for himself, God for us all. Whoever is slow, may the devil take him'. The signs are definetly not good, but do we sit down and keep crying foul? If this charade must be halted, we have to stand up and take responsibility. If Nigeria must flourish again, then we have to instigate it. The change will surely come, the coast will definately be clear and we shall laugh again. Call me a miserable optimist, but in the Nigeria dream, I keep faith.


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