A New Nigeria Is Possible!

Despite the daunting odds and herculean task of nation building that hangs over us like a cloud, the quest for a Nigeria of our dreams is definitely feasible. Depending on what you choose to see, our country has been going through a 'darkening' period, that not only astounds the mind, but also indicates that it can't get worse. The pathetic tale of insecurity, corruption and avarice in our shore is one that does not require a rehash. From the shenenigans of the Lawal/Otedola fiasco, to the endless scourge of Boko Haram, one can see that the chicken is certainly coming home to roast. Perhaps, it won't be clutching on straws to suggest that the end ofour 'gory tales' is near. Though despondency thrives in the land, we must find a new resolve to salvage our future. Like Ngugi Thiong'O once wrote, 'Weep not, child'. It is time to dream again. It will be apt to state here that engaging in ceaseless destructive criticisms and folding our arms in reluctantcy, will not in any slightest manner, alter our fate for the better. We speak so much of the evil cabal that have held our counry to ransom for decades, yet, all we do is speak indeed. This is not an advocacy for a revolution in the mould of the Arab spring. Rather,it is time to tell ourselves the 'home truth'. Many of us have simply not been sincere enough to the Nigerian dream. The recent election in Edo state (though not entirely without blemish), lends credence to the fact that a relatively free and fair election is possible in Nigeria. This is contrary to the maxim propounded by former president, Olusegun Obasanjo, when he opined that 'Even Jesus cannot conduct a free and fair election in Nigeria'. The evil cabal is a piecemeal, compared to the over 150 million Nigerians. It beggars belief how they have held us in their spell for so long. The time to wrestle back Nigeria beyond lip-service, is now!


  1. Nice thought. I think you deserve a larger space to express this great writing skills of yours.

    Prince Uyi Eweka

  2. Thanks alot sir. People like you get my pen moving!


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