2013/2014 EPL Premier League: Uncertainties, Predictions and Permutations!!!

For more reasons than one, it promises to be the most intriguing and pulsating season in the Barclays Premier League. The stage is set, the script can only be conjured by the ingenuity of fate, and the plot is a stuff of dreams! It is not often that the season commences with the top three having a watershed at the top. Sir Alex Ferguson was close to being an octogenarian at United, but even at the ripe age of 71, all hats went off for the Scot. Replacing Fergie was always going to be a tough act to follow, but for some reasons that do not require a rehash here, Former Everton boss, David Moyes was thrown the gauntlet; and like a fighter he has proven to be over a decade at the Toffes, he embraced the challenge. However, Moyes will be aware that ambitions at Old Trafford always skyrocket, and the winning tradition is a brutal demand by everyone associated with the club. It’s a daunting task for Moyes, but it is one he appears ready to embrace. What will United fans be ready to take as success at the end of the season remains to be seen. Last year's runner-up, Manchester City has also gotten a change at the top. The serene and soft talking Manuel Pellegrini comes into untold Arab wealth; but with such fortunes comes the burden of expectations. Mancini suffered such fate last season, and He has already been give the finance to acquire the double duo of Alvaro Negredo, Jesus Navas, Fernandinho and Stevan Jovetic. Instant success and particularly an improvement in their European adventures will be the inevitable demand for Pellegrini’s coaching resume. What is more? Across London is the return of the Special cum Happy one. Returning back to a club where he once experienced untold success is always going to be a risk of some sorts. However, Jose Mourinho’s rise and rise in football has been a tale of uncanny risks and the sublime belief in self. Nine managers in nine years aptly sums up life at Chelsea, but the amazing thing behind this insanity at the Bridge, is that the past nine years have been a flourish. Four League titles, Two FA cups and a Champions League medal among others can only be interpreted as success. The plot thickens in anticipation of what the Mourinho second coming holds, as he has a large squad to tinker with. And then, there is Arsenal and Arsene. These days the gunners have almost become a synonym for barren. But that is why Arsenal provides an intriguing spectacle this season. A man who is down needn’t fear a fall, and the gunners will be out to prove a point. But whether they have the dexterity and quality that is demanded to rightfully prove this point is the million dollar question. Will the hierarchy still just be concerned with a an healthy financial status, and will premium be shifted to decorating the cabinet after almost a decade of futility? For Spurs, they have the nefarious stigma of being the nearly men. They lost the fourth spot to Arsenal last season by a whisker just as it was the season before. Though, Chelsea was their Achilles’ heels then. It appears that their chances of repeating or surpassing last season’s run are hinged upon the future of Gareth Bale. For Liverpool, they have learned to tailor their aspirations within the confines of reality. A top four finish will seem like a Champions League medal for the Reds, even as the Suarez saga lingers. For the new boys, Crystal Palace, Cardiff and Hull City it is a fight to stake their claim among the elites. It will be a long and herculean battle for survival. That will be their primary objective, while a fairy tale run in the Cups, will not be a bad idea. Indeed, all is set for the fiesta to begin. As they say, the League is not a 100 metre thing, but a marathon. In the final analysis, the table barely lies. Whatever the case will be at the end, we know that the football will never disappoint us. That is why we love the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Obviously you are fired up with the acquisition of Ozil, but be careful what u wish for, u just might get it...................haha


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