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Lagos And The BRT Scourge

At inception, the Babatunde Raji Transport (popularly referred to as BRT), was applauded as a materstroke that was going to be a panacea to the ills of transportation in the state. It proved to be a prototype for other states. Indeed, it's novelty was not just why it attracted widespread enconmium; the timeliness of the transport was equally ingenious. However, the recent trend and issues surrounding the BRT buses leaves a lot to be desired. In more cases than one, there is the issue of theft that has become a nagging feature of the buses. If it's not armed robbers holding people to ransom, it is miscreants 'picking pockets'. Though theft is not just a characteristics of the BRT buses only, it is becoming a menace of some sorts. There was an incidence recently of how armed men seized the wheel from the driver and wrecked havoc on the hapless passengers, looting away their treasures. As if this was not enough ignominy, these men of the underworld gunned down a number of the passengers. What is more? The BRT system has been enmeshed in untold corrupt practices. Tickets are not adequately accounted for, and the 'man know man' syndrome at boarding points, appears to have crept in. It is true that the system has given employment to many semi-skilled and unskilled labour, however, proper monitoring, integrity and adequate accountability should never be compromised. In addition to that, staff of the transport system should be taught a thing or two about good manners. Strange but true, the BRT buses have become another form of 'Molue'. The buses are witnessing overcrowding. These days, the number of those that stand in the buses is even greater than those sitting. This arithmetic anomaly has left the buses in very poor state, and has incurred other ills on the buses. Penultimately, it is sacrosanct that these issues be swiftly attended to by the rightful authorities, before it promptly turns what was intended to be a blessing, into becoming a curse for many Nigerians.


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