Barca vs Real Madrid: The Season Ahead...1

Many have said, and rightly so, that the La Liga is a league of Real Madrid, Barcelona and others. You only need to look at the gap in points in the past five years between the top two and the rest of the league, to lend credence to that arguement. However, it is salient to mention here that the both sides are arguably the best two teams in the world. Thus, it is a travesty to the rest of the 18 teams, that the two massives should even ply their trade in the same turf. Real Madrid has truly come of age since the coming of Jose Mourinho. Like him or loathe him,you certainly can't resist the special one. How he turns anything he touches into gold, is a testimony to his ingenious nature. No doubt, the Galaticos are now a rejuvenated, solid and more disciplined side. Not only did they win the La Liga trophy last time, they did it with some swagger and panache. Winning 32 out of 38 games, and scoring above a century of goals, was a league record. In addition to retaining the trophy, the goal will also be to add a long awaited Champions League trophy to make it a decade of trophy in Europe.


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