What Are You Doing With Your One Precious Life?

Beloved, with barely four months to the closure of the year, you will agree with me that the last days of 2012 is upon us. As they say, time truly flies. These are sensitive times in both the history of our nation and our personal lives. The world is moving at a speed of light, and like an unstoppable train, it waits for no man. It is your choice to make your life count. This choice is one you must make. Even if you choose to do nothing with your life, you are already making a choice. Ask yourself the question 'what have I been doing with my life?' Remember, twenty years from today, you will have a family. Will your children be proud of the kind of father or mother that they have? Will they have to suffer through life the way you did? These are pertinent questions you must begin to answer. Suffice it to say, there is never a plausible excuse for failure. The world owes no man aliving. No matter what your reasons for failing might be, it dosen't justify you; because someone, somewhere, has gone through a worse case before, yet made something out of his life. Check your life today. What are you investing your hours on? What are you dwelling your thoughts on? What actions are you taking? What values are you adding to your days? You must make a choice today not to live the mediocre life. You must take a stance to make your dreams come true. The good thing is that, no matter the mistakes, blunders and misdeeds you have made in the past, you can open anew chapter today and alter the scheme of things. Never forget, it's your life. Your friends, your parent, your siblings, none of them will live it for you and only you is accountable for your life. Always ask yourself everyday 'what am I doing with my one precious life?


  1. ...doing great with it! Partly coz our paths ever crossed. Dewhiz!!!!!!!!!!!!


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