EPL 2012/2013: Previews, Permutations And Predictions! Part 2

For Roberto Di Matteo's Chelsea fc, the greatest burden for them this season, will be the burden of success. Having won the much coveted Champions League trophy, they will have to muster fresh motivation. By acquring stars such as Eden Hazard and Oscar, Roman has sent a clear message of ambition. Nevertheless, how will Chelsea cope without their greatest hero, Dider Drogba? With every new manager at Anfield, comes a new belief. Brenden Rodgers has certainly not cut his teeth in the biggest stage of football, but you can expect him to join in the frey. It's a big season for Liverpool, but if reality is anything to go by, then a fourth place finish is the best that the Reds can hope for. Is there a more curious and intriguing team like Arsenal fc? Eight years, and the wait for a silverware of whatever composition goes on. Perhaps, looking at their squad, it is a wonder how they have been ableto still remain at the top. Should RVP stay, then Arserné Wenger's boys will have a straining hope of getting at least a trophy. Perhaps, it is time to spare a thought for Andre Villas Boas and Tott Hotspur. The rookie manager will be hoping to reshape his broken reputation. But, Spurs are not Chelsea, and the indices of success at Stamfor Bridge and White Hart Lane varies. Keeping Luka Modric will be his greatest feat. The Die is cast!


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