Olympics 2012: Nigeria And The Show Of Shame

The pandemic that has crept into our social, political and economic fabrics, has continued to take it's toll on our national performance at the London 2012 olympics. That we cannot even manage to clinch a paltry bronze medal at the olympics, is a terrifying reality. Or how do you explain that a nation of over 165 million people cannot even muster a medal in the over 500 medals that have since been dispensed at the games. Yet, nations with little population like Jamaica, Cyprus, Belarus, Greneda and the likes have continued to rewrite the record books at the game. Instead, we were handed a first class massacre by the United States in the basketball competition. It ended 156 to 73, the greatest defeat in olympics basketball history. We simply never learn. We play to the gallery for three years and six months, and begin preparations with six months to go. And we expect to compete with the likes of Micheal Phelps, the Williams sisters, Lebron James, Roger Federer, Usain Bolt and the likes? It is the most pathetic stage of delusion for us to expect that 'miracles' is a Nigerian. It bleeds the heart to even see some Nigerian athletes winning medals for other nations. The misdemeanor of 'Team Nigeria' at the olympics lends credence tothe testimony that Nigeria is only brilliant in the art of 'theftology'. The United States is good in basketball, the East Africans are good in marathon, the South Africans in swimming. What are we good at? What? Just what?


  1. Nigerians are only good at corruption and religious fanaticism

  2. Quite a shame, bro. We hope for better days ahead


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