12 Life Lessons I Learnt In 2012

1. God has perfect timing... Never too late, never too early. It might not be your time, but only the potter knows when to manifest the clay. 2. You don't need everybody in your life, you only need the right people. Stop auditioning for friends, you were not born to befriend everyone. Moreover, you are not a facebook status that thrives on likes. 3. Joy and happiness are not products of the prevailing external circumstances, it is a state of mind that no wealth can truly guarantee. 4. The world does not revolve around anyone, so no one is indispensable. Life goes on when you are gone. 5. Nigeria has gone through a lot as a nation. We have tasted the good, the bad and the ugly. This is enough evidence to make me believe that our best is yet to come. 6. The journey is what makes the trip. Enjoy every moment. The big ones, the small ones. Many ruin today while obsessed with tomorrow. 7. Excellence is attainable, and it is suicidal to think otherwise. 8. At times, determination and brevity are more important than talent and competence. Just look at the way Chelsea fc won the Champions League. 9. Doing good cost nothing. Too many people we meet everyday are fighting a certain battle, carrying a certain burden, and living a difficult life. A mere act of love can help ease them and you are making the world better than you met it by so doing. 10. Lagos is a state in need of both physical and spiritual sanity. I should add that I have come to an irrevocable conclusion that the traffic in Lagos will never get better. 11. Friends come, friends go. Job comes, job goes. Only family remains. Make it a priority. 12. In the final analysis, God is the only one that truly matters.


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