Grow Up!

Having swags will certainly not pay your bills in future. You adorn yourself with whizkid's carrot pants when your fame is only within the confines of your compound. We see you with a 'Gallas' and 'Ballotelli' haircut, and you wonder why your life is stagnant. You wear a shirt that reads 'my money grows like grass', but we know how you managed to even buy that shirt. Your parents are still struggling to make ends meet, and you are busy adorning yourself with blings. You know how to dance 'ethigi' and 'azonto' with precision and perfection, and you fool yourself that you are the happening thing. You are 27 and Whizkid, Olamide and Davido are your role models. You attend every available party in your neighbourhood, and you cage yourself that you are the hottest thing in town. You know all the lyrics of 'Kukere', but you can barely mention three ministers inNigeria. You are subscribing your BIS for 1500, but you can't raise enough funds to purchase a Jamb form. You speak with an American 'nigger' accent, and you are thinking it is the forces from village that has made you resit English five times. You are the happening girl in almost all the clubs in your area, and you want to find a responsible husband soon to marry. You take everything that is alcohol at 20, and you tell yourself that you have a bright future ahead of you. You are 32 and Lionel Messi is still your role model. You know all the Nollywood hottest actors, but you don't even know who the governor of your state is. You take every picture raising two fingers in the air, and you call it guy. You have over 900 bb pins, and you think you have contacts. You hug every guy on your street, and you feel you are social. Grow up! Time waits for no man. You reap what you sow. Don't waste your youth catching 'fun', then spend your old age in regrets. It is your life, your decisions, your choices. Remember, you will never live this life twice!


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