Taking Stock: Your Best Is Yet To Come

As they say, time truly flies. Like a scalded cat, the last days of 2012 is upon us. For many of us, it will not need a mighty effort of memory-scatching to vividly recollect when the year started. 2012 will be remembered by many for different reasons. As a country, it is a year that was earmarked by incessant security challenges, recurrent air disasters, crude corruption and a host of other vices that is better imagined. As a globe, and perhaps on a lighter note, it was a year that the Mayans pulled up the greatest prank of history, when they told us that our planet will grind to a halt on the 21st of December 2012. Be that as it may, the success of the year can only be better examined, when the assessment is done on an individual level. There is no doubt that everyone started the year with a renewed hope and a fired up attitude. However, as the realities of the days began to dawn upon many, the resolve a lot of people either weaken or completely fizzle out. However, the good news is that no matter the shattered dreams witnessed in 2012, 2013 offers a great platform to get it right. It is salient to observe that success can be measured in phases and you will be doing yourself great disservice to demand too much of yourself. You must learn to celebrate your success and take the disappointments as compulsory courses you must take in the University of Life. Suffice it to say if 2013 will cease to be like this outgoing year, then you must begin to build the foundations. Success is not magical and not all failures are diabolical. You must get a resolve beyond mere resolutions, with which you walk through this year. It starts now. Remember, when it comes to the matter of your dreams and your life only you in conjunction with the Almighty can bring it to reality. There is no good enough excuse for you to finish 2013 as mediocre. Take it one step at a time and always be optimistic. I am confident that your best days resides in 2013... Cheer up!


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