The Malady In The Jonathan Administration

In a society where cynical criticisms is the trade of the detractors and the powers that be loathe anyone that attempts a constructive one, this article runs a risk of being dispatched as sceptical and mere rantings. Yet, our ink must not run dry. The burden confronting our nation is too numerous that a rehash here will be uncalled for. The recent kidnapping of the 82 years old mother of our imperious finance minister, is a reminder that ours is a country where the people's patience have been tried for too long and the dissent and rage forour leaders is reaching a tipping point. The Jonathan administration is filled with men of questionable character, bastardized integrity, defied convictions and insincere motives. What principles do they live by? It is a country where dog eat dog. The burden for Mr President is that he has in his ranks, folks that for the love of the presidential booty, have sworn never to tell him the truth. The henchmen of this administration thrives on crude theft and trading of deceits. The home truth is that this current administration has done nothing to inspire confidence in it. Our roads are still death traps, the national treasury is still being looted by rogues in his inner circle, elections are still do or die affairs, Constant power supply are still distant dreams, insecurity remains a crux of our dilemma, morals and values are still misplaced and the root is too numerous to aptly outline. Havingmen of sublime intellect is of no use if they don't possess a character made of steel. How often has people like Labaran Maku insulted our national sense of reason, yet he thinks he is doing his job. Our politicians come on air and with a sense of pure arrogance address us like we are the people that don't just get it. While it is true that the jonathan administration has sworn cynics, it is even a greater truth that the administration is making their job very easy and attractive. It is time to fix Nigeria beyond mere utterances.


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