Nigeria: A Nation and her burdens!

These are gruesome times in the history of the most populous black nation in the world. It is true that bad news is good news in journalism. However, the plethora of unpleasant news that often churns out of our country leaves plenty to be desired. The gang rape saga lasted for weeks. The issue simply made a caricature of our ailing system. Then the fuel subsidy bouhaha. What started as a paltry issue, has degenerated into a major bone of contention. And just when we thought we have heard enough, a 20 year old boy in Bayelsa state was killed in the most inhuman circumstances by the police who 'should be your friend'. What was his sins? He cautioned them on the sabbath day against exortions. Such is the daunting reality of the perilious times we live in. Nothing seems to exicite our national spirit these days. Nothing helps in inflating our fading hopes. Nothing suggests that our turmoil will soon be over. It is true that the Western world are also going through uneasy times, but the Nigerian quagmire is a case that defies reason. From sport to politics, it is the same tale of doom, avarice and misfortunes. One wonders if the sins of the past and the anomalies of the present, will not constitue a real burden for the future!


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