The Vanity Of Life

As I returned from what can only be described as a memorable service in church, my thoughts began to prick me. Lately, I have passed by countless obituaries. These posters have been so numerous that I have actually lost count. Obviously, it is easy for us to shed a thought for these departed souls, even if we never knew them. However, we can never aptly feel the beleaguerment, the grieovous demise, the hurtful end. Of all the obituaries that have lately befuddled my heart, one in particular strikes me. It is the tale of a 24 years old 2011 fresh graduate, who finished from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He bagged first class honours in the department of Mathematics. In fact, the story was that he was the second best graduating student of the year. Yet, what did life reward him with? Death! His academic sublimity became a futile pursuit. His dreams were shattered beyond recognition in that ghastly accident. It was an accident that claimed excellence. It was an accident that closed the page of a promising life. It was an accident that led to an unhappy ending. And like Shakespeare will say 'Life became a walking shadow'. Is it not glaring that it's just life. It is a time to remind ourselves of some home truths. When our wealth shall be worthless, when our academic qualifications shall owe no more significance, when our gruelling pursuit for money shall end, what will be left of us? Will we be found worthy of a glorious eternity? Life is too short, and wisdom is to live everyday like it will be our last. While we get entangled in the hustle and bustle of this life, let us remember that one day we shall all go home. That one day is not for us to tell. The moral of the story? May we not jeopardize eternity with the actions of our short stint here on earth.


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