Villas Boas And His Chelsea Cross!

Blessed or cursed betide the day Roman Abrahmovic decided to acquire Stamford Bridge? Depending on who you support, your answers are bound to be polarised. However, few can dare to deny that Roman's billions brought Chelsea into the sun. But even this came with a price. He called the shots, doled the sack letters at will, and never compromised his ego. Seven coaches in seven years suggests managerial insanity, but such is the unquenching thirst for instant success that Roman cannot control. Andre Villas Boas is a product of Roman's latest wielding of the big stick, which saw Carlo Ancelloti exist Chelsea, despite an incredible debut season. For Villas Boas, his reputation preceeds him. Just only 34, he was a monumental success at F.C Porto. But, as Andre must have found out, Chelsea is a different kettle of fish. He has lost four out of the first eleven league matches. His Chelsea side is in dire need of a surgical operation, and it's a cross he must carry. The once sublime Petr Cech, now looks like a complete shadow of his old self. Frank Lampard now cuts an image of a player living on past glories. Dider Drogba has lost the 'drog' in him, while John Terry has surely seen his best days gone past him. Andre Villas Boas must fix all these and more, and must do it quickly. Patience has never been a virtue to be associated with Chelsea. Thus, Villas Boas must find a temporal solution to what looks like a permanent problem at Stamford Bridge.


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