Reuben Abati: The Man That Returned To His Vomits!

He was once famously referred to as a 'potent government critic', 'a fine journalist', and an 'excellent columnist'. These accolades were praises he had earned in an impressive career that has spanned over two decades. Indeed, like the English would say, Reuben Abati knows his onions. A first class honours degree holder, Abati served as the Editor-in-Chief of Guardian newspapers. During his stint with the paper, readership skyrocketed, and even his collegues were full of praise for him. The hallmark of Abati's days as a 'penpusher', was his radical views on the government. His punditry was uncompromising. He criticized without caring whose ox is gored. In sum, he was the ideal journalist. However, the bait was thrown at him by the Goodluck Jonathan administration, and as it's typical with most Nigerians, Abati threw reason to the air and grabbed the 'chance to fortune' without a second thought. Abati now became the Special Advicer to the president on Media and Publicity. From government critic, Abati has now become a government apologist, massaging the egos he once kicked. Such is the rapidity with which people sell their consciences for power. It is perplexing to know that Abati will ever be part of the PDP led government. This is a party he once described as 'People Deceiving People', 'Papa Decieving Pikin'. In fact, he famously declared that the 'PDP has done great damage to Nigeria and it's people'. Yet, he now sings a different song and like the oracle of Delphi, he now speaks from both sides of his mouth. It will suffice to state here that Reuben Abati's case is a harsh reminder that power truly corrupts, and power can also make a snake change it's skin.


  1. I see n0 reas0n 2 reject such offer.. U can neva change a system, lest ur part of it..
    As 4 me, I admire his c0urage.. Dnt be 1 sided, go chk awt his achievementz in d field s0 far..
    It 'll be beta if we be d chng we crave f0r.. I wsh I wer him..

  2. Whatever happened to integrity? To doing the talk? I nvr doubted his feats, just stating d home and bitter truth.


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